Enhancing old photos Using AI for everyone.

Have old and blurry face photos? Let our AI enhance them so those memories can live on. 100% free 3 generations per day – enhance your photos today.

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Some Common Features Of Rentoor

Implemented features on Rentoor to provide users with tools and functionalities to enhance and improve their images


Enhance your images with Rentoor's super-resolution feature, restoring clarity and detail for stunning visuals.

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Processed image Download

Easily download your processed images, making it convenient to access your enhanced photos.

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Noise reduction

Say goodbye to unwanted noise in your images as Rentoor's noise reduction feature cleans up your photos for a cleaner, professional look.

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Image sharpening

Achieve sharp and crisp images with Rentoor's image sharpening tool, ensuring your visuals leave a lasting impact.

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Our Pricing Plans

Choose the perfect plan that suits your needs and unlock a world of possibilities.

Basic Plan

  • Limited Credits
  • 3 Image Generations
  • Basic Image Enhancement

Pro Plan

  • Everything in FREE Plan +
  • 200 Image Generations
  • Ability to request features
  • Commercial usage of photos
  • Early access to new features
  • Saveyour photos in a dashboard
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Our customers love the results they get with our image enhancement tools. Read their testimonials below to see how we've transformed their photos and experiences.

  • Martin escobarUser

    I just used it and am extremely impressed with the website and wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent design and functionality. Keep up the great work!

  • Angela stianProduct designer

    Unreal. This is super good.

  • Karim ahmedUser

    I just tried it and it's amazing. incredible comp manages to generate sharpness without deforming or creating something that does not exist.

  • Erika NguyenUser

    You made my mom cry with grandma photo. Thanks!!! AMAZING JOB!

  • Alma ChapmanSecurity Advisor

    This is insanely cool!! Going to try this on some photos for my grandma lol. :)

  • KeithInstructor

    There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain.

  • Kevin KellyUser

    dude this is sick! you’re shipping fast!

  • RobertoSoftware Engineer

    I've just used it and damn I'll keep coming back! This is so good. Great work!